The Obligatory Happy New Year Post

Here we are, in 2015 – I’ve been delayed writing this post, I’d planned to get back up to date with my blog over the Christmas period, but in the end I had such a busy December, with overtime, birthdays + attempting to find time to do Christmas shopping – that when it came to time off work, I just needed to step away from everything during my almost 2 weeks off, but I’m glad I did! I feel refreshed and ready to go again!

I had a wonderful Christmas, spent with family, relaxing, board game playing, laughing, walking the dog and lots of home movie watching from my ridiculous teenage years in which my sister & our best friend mostly spent making our own short films this equals very funny viewing over 10 years later!

I received lots of lovely presents, nothing to share on the beauty front, there’s nothing I hate more than a dodgy beauty gift set, so I’m happy about that! We received mostly money and vouchers = grown up purchases like new hoover + new living room/dining room curtains!

I’m hoping to get back on track with blogging this week. I’d planned to photograph, swatch and test lots of nail polish, but the photographing element didn’t happen. So I’m still playing catch up – bear with me, I’m hoping to have get my giveaway up in the next few days!

I’m attempting a no-spend January, I haven’t gone wild in the sales but an potential break away has come up in April to Budapest, so I’m trying to be more sensible in the run up to that. So if you see a haul from me in the close future, please tell me off! Hopefully this will make me continue down the route which I have been doing well at recently, so hopefully I’ll rediscover some old favourites from my stash.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, here’s to seeing what 2015 holds.


Instagram: @helplesswhilstdrying  |  Twitter: @helplessdrying


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