Another magazine freebie

I love a good magazine freebie, I rarely buy magazines unless a) Taylor swift is on the cover b) there’s some kind of beauty product I’m intrigued about.


Benefits latest mascara – rollerlash – literally launched this week and a handy travel sized edition is available with this months Elle magazine.

I’ve seen a few promising YouTube reviews on this and whilst it’s not a product I would risk and buy for myself (most benefit products I’ve tried i dislike – They’re real mascara makes my eyelashes look like spiders legs), I will give it a go for a few pounds as I am a little intrigued about this as it’s been in development for 4 years.

Supposedly meant for those with short lashes who struggle to get length and curl, this isn’t me personally so I’m not sure how it will work for me!

March 2015 Elle magazine is out now and is £4, containing Keira knightly, and 500 new fashion ideas this will not fail I’m sure even if the mascara is a flop.

Hope this little find is helpful to you




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