December Empties 2014 – Hair + Body


The second edition of my December Empties, I used up so much, that I split into two posts, if you missed the face + fragrance empties, check them out herenivea-in-shower-moisturiser

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser, The ultimate for lazy girls like me who can’t even contemplate the idea of moisturising after showering. almost instantly can you wash it on and off. I bought two of these at the same time, and I prefer the other which had cocoa butter, as that was a little thicker and was a little better. But equally I would use this up again if I had it! If you haven’t tried these do!

Repurchase?: I’m trying to but I can’t find it anywhere


I wouldn’t normally cover “boring” stuff like shower gel, but this shower gel is anything but boring. I love the smell of blood orange, a spicey warmer citrus smell perfect for this time of year. Original Source’s Daily Scrub, is just that. Not too tough and rough for every day use, but enough used through the week to mean that I don’t need to use such a harsh one. If you were fake tanning I think you would need something more harsh, but for the day to day – this is what you need

Repurchase: Already Have!


This isn’t the most incredible conditioner for it’s effect, it does the job for me, and does help my hair look shinier. But the reason I liked this so much was for the scent. It’s very spa like. I have liked all the Shampoo and Conditioners I have tried from the Garnier Ultimate Blends Line, but as far as scent goes, this is lovely!

Repurchase?: Not in a rush to, but if it was on offer yes!


OGX Argan Oil Shampoo, Received in my November Glossybox, I so wanted to love this – but this is actually 3 quarters full. I’ve managed to get my hair to only needing to be washed every 3-4 days, with the right products and routine, and this took me right back to the start. Straight after using this my hair looked and felt greasy, it took me about 2 weeks to figure out it was this as I didn’t think a shampoo could be as bad as this was!

Don’t think I need to say If I’ll repurchase!


Gemspa Body Scrubs start off feeling like a very light finely milled scrub, but as soon as you start rubbing into your skin it melts into an oil. Very nice and moisturising, but not what I was expecting when I bought it. Nicely scented, but the type of product to use in the bath when you are indulging, rather as a scrub.

Repurchase? I already have another to use, but I wouldn’t plan to buy again.


Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo – Despite previously loving this when I reviewed in my Dry Shampoo Showdown, I bought a mini sized can after finding the full sized ones stop spraying half way through. I don’t know if this was a dodgy batch, but I’m sure this wasn’t as effective as the full sized bottles I’ve tried, it made my hair look clean but not feel it, something which I had previously found. This can didn’t break though so was a win on that front!

Repurchase?: I’ve just bought some from the Colab line by a Model Recommends, but if that fails I will still go back to this, as it’s still my favourite so far.


Swarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Intensive Mask – I can’t remember who I saw review this, but they loved it and it made me want to try!I didn’t dislike this, but I wasn’t in love. It wasn’t too thick which I did like as it meant it didn’t take ages to wash out.

Repurchase?: Maybe if it was on offer, but not at full price.


6 thoughts on “December Empties 2014 – Hair + Body

  1. Now you cleared mystery of greasy hair. I have the same morrocan oil coditioner and ever since ive used my hair went crazy. I usually can get away with 3 days and not look greasy at all. Now on the 2nd my hair is awful :(. As for Nivea in shower moisturiser, have you tried Tesco or Asda?


      1. Fair enough, if not you can always get some online. I’m thinking of getting one because skin is dried out by central heating and cold but I cant be bothered to moisturise properly because it takes forever to dry


  2. It might have been me you saw review the Schwarzkopf mask as I am totally in love with the colour protect version! I still agree that Aussie is the best dry shampoo but the can issues have put me off for now. Hopefully they’ll be okay next time!c


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