Blogmas Day 1 & Blogmas Schedule

I saw Blogmas on several blogs today and as I’m massively underprepared for the next few weeks blog wise (normally weekends are for scheduling), and I’ve had no camera batteries (2 lost chargers!) and helping my parents move house Friday –
Sunday this weekend means zero scheduled posts prepped! This is a nice easy tag I can do with whilst I get photos to arrive!

So here’s the Blogmas Schedule if you want to take part!

1st – Tell us what you did last Christmas

2nd – Share a Christmas recipe

3rd – Favourite Christmas movies

4th – Share a Christmas craft

5th – What are your favourite books to revisit during the holidays?

6th – What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

7th – Share a holiday makeup look

8th – Favourite Christmas food

9th – Share a Christmas recipe

10th – The best Christmas gift you ever received

11th – What is your favourite thing about where you live at Christmas time?

12th – Christmas nail art tutorial

13th – Favourite Christmas TV episodes

14th – Share a favourite Christmas memory

15th – Share some Christmas outfits

16th – Favourite Christmas music

17th – Share your day with us

18th – What’s the gift wrapping looking like this year?

19th – DIY Christmas ornament

20th – A Christmas day makeup look

21st – Favourite Christmas photos

22nd – What does the festive season mean to you?

23rd – Favourite Christmas scenes from movies/TV that aren’t Christmas specific.

24th – Let’s talk traditions – what are your favourites and which cultural traditions do you wish you did?

25th – Describe your Christmas day to us

What did you do last Christmas?

Last Christmas was a bit of a funny one, we were back living with my boyfriends parents, so woke up Christmas morning at theirs. We had breakfast and opened presents with his family, we then went and got ready to go and visit my grandad who was in hospital, we spent around 2 hours there and we had the most chatty conversation that I had had with him in years, and he said something that has stuck with me since which I’ll share at the end. Before going to leave the car park discovering we had no money to get out, the only cashpoint in the hospital was locked in a closed shop, so had to walk 20 minutes to the closest cashpoint (40 minute round trip) – at a restaurant/pub.

We were then back late to Christmas dinner at my boyfriends parents, and after walked to my parents with the dog (about 20 minutes – we did a lot of walking for Christmas Day!), my parents had been to see my grandad in the mean time, so we waited for them to get back, opened presents with them. Followed by an evening of board games and limoncello. We usually go to bed at something ridiculous like 2 in the morning playing games and last year was no exception.

So this is where we get more personal than I had intended;
Now I say last year was a funny Christmas as after 3 weeks in hospital,
My grandad passed away on Boxing Day, needless to say that lovely time between Christmas and new year, last year for my family was not. He wasn’t always that chatty, and was often hard to get more than a 4 word answer out of. but on Christmas Day myself and my boyfriend shared the best 2 hours of any Christmas Day with him at the hospital, we were talking about everything, we were talking about the things that we wanted in general, like the type of house we wanted to buy, what we wanted For Christmas, and when I asked him he said;

Everything I want in life doesn’t cost anything

And I’ve tried to remind myself of that everyday since, and it’s kind of stuck – you know other nail polishes and stuff like that. Which has made asking for things for Christmas, family think I’m being awkward I’m sure, but we have a house with solid walls, we have everything that we really need. But no one else knows of the conversation we had with my grandad and how that conversation has stuck in my head since. Making memories like that are more important to my Christmas than any present.

That got deeper than intended, but thought that message was good to share.

To even the deepness out, here’s a picture of my dog with elf ears

How did you spend last Christmas?


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