China Glaze Ruby Pumps – Swatch and Review


You’ll notice that my nails have already gone festive, I’m already making the most important nail polish choice of the year – Christmas Day nails (that’s a thing). I picked this up around this time last year. It’s a classic china glaze shade and I don’t know how I had gone so long without owning it.


China Glaze Ruby Pumps is a classic deep red based red, with multi-toned red glitter. It’s totally beautiful in the bottle. Whilst still beautiful on the nails, the glitter isn’t quite as prominent on the nails, it almost sits between a shimmer and a glitter, not quite looking intensely like either. When it removes, it quite clearly is a glitter, however it’s not so obvious on the nails. This makes it perfect for the festive season, and is a twist on a classic shade that makes it perfect all year round.

china-glaze-ruby-pumps-swatch-and-review  china-glaze-ruby-pumps-swatch

Lasting power is pretty decent, it’s a hard wearing glitter rather than one which chips quickly, I think that’s because at its heart it has a polish base, rather than being pure glitter.


This is a contender to be worn on Christmas Day, maybe with the No7 snow wash topcoat I featured recently…

Have you thought about your christmas nail contenders yet?

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