Zoya Stevie – Swatch and Review

Zoya Stevie

This was the last from my recent nail polish direct haul. Zoya Stevie was bought mainly for the name (future sister in laws name), and I’ve picked one up to give as a present for her too!

Zoya Stevie Swatch Zoya Stevie is a lilac polish, packed full of silver glitter.This polish reminds me a lot of my favourite Topshop Firework, but without the holographic element.  Shown here with only one coat, it gets opaque quickly, whilst not going on too thickly. It dries very quickly, but leaves a lot to be desired without a topcoat, this is just dull and doesn’t jump off the nails. I’ve said before that I’m not too keen on textured nail polishes, and this would be just on the cusp of what I could handle. A topcoat recreates the shine, and helps even out the texture. Images here are shown with only one layer of topcoat, but I think a second would help even out the gritty feel if you’re a real texture


My only problem with this polish is that I found it chipped quickly. This is from the pixie dust collection, and unlike Zoya’s bar which I found lasted a good 4 days without chips, this only lasted a day before some started to appear and I could only make it to day 2 before it had become so bad I had to remove!

Zoya Stevie Review

I’ve already got Zoya Dream on my hitlist on recommendation on my last post from Vicki, but would love any others as these are the first 2 I’ve tried, and will inevitably place a mass order!


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