Simply Cook


Imagine a beauty box, but with DIY food kits. That’s Simply Cook. I saw an advert for these on facebook, and thought I would give it a try. Simply Cook aims for you to create ‘restaurant quality’ food at home within 20 minutes.

Now I can’t review what these actually taste like yet, they’ve literally landed on my doorstep the day before I go on holiday (writing a few days in advance currently). but I can review my thoughts so far.


First off I ordered this Monday evening and was delivered on Tuesday – all in all, pretty good. it’s nicely packaged and has a homemade feel because of the cardboard packaging.

Normally these are priced at £10 for 4 kits, personally I think that’s expensive – but I might use them and think they are the most amazing thing I have ever used, and think that’s cheap. I bought this on offer for £4 – I don’t know if that offer has now expired, but I can no longer find it – I do however have a £5 off for me, and £5 off for a friend link, so if you are interested in signing up and getting a better bargain, click here.

Each box contains 4 recipe cards, and all the spices, pastes and oils you could need to create each dish. at least in my case – every recipe had 3 individual pots in of said ingredients.


I received

  • Lemon and Pepper Salmon with Pistou Pasta
  • Nyonya (Malaysian/Chinese Fusion Curry!)
  • Wild Mushroom Penne
  • BBQ Tandori Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges

simply-cook-2 simply-cook-3

Now it wasn’t made clear on my first signup that you can edit the contents of your box, I was about to have a bit of a moan that they had sent me things that I felt you should have options over, like fish, a personally hate. But you can amend the box in your account to remove randomised items, and see other options (over 40). Or if you aren’t as fussy and like a surprise you can leave it as is.simply-cook-5

I’ll keep you posted in a few weeks, if we end up using them that quickly, as to how I think they taste!


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