W7 Pink Shard or Pink Sand? – Swatch and Review


Sorry, I know everyone else will already be pulling out their lovely autumn shades, but I’m still holding onto the last grasp of summer as I haven’t been on holiday yet this year, and I’m not going until this saturday! So expect garish summer polishes up until then at least!

I picked this up on a bit of a whim, from my local CCO. They have literally hundreds of W7 polishes and I always have to restrain myself from throwing 20 into a basket. Especially as they’re highly glittery and neon, and my inner magpie wants them all! This one caught my eye because it has white glitter in, and I love white glitter.


It seems to go by 2 different names online, Pink Shard and Pink Sand. Mine says Pink on the bottle but the second half has rubbed off. The Polish itself is made up of mainly large metallic magenta and a few large matte white pieces, with a few medium iridescent pink, and small iridescent blue pieces. I love it a lot. I paired this over barry m matte white initially, but the white just blended in rather than looking like a subtle layer, so I repainted with a pale grey (China Glaze pelican grey), and it looked much better – I think this would also look great over pinks and maybe even black.


I don’t think you could get this to being opaque with just this glitter. It’s not the easiest to apply and needs some strategic application to get an even coverage. For me it works better as a topcoat, playing with adding a second layer it became very thick – and the glitter began clumping together rather than spreading evenly. It has a glossy finish and I skipped using a topcoat.

pik-shard-swatch-w7If you haven’t discovered W7 yet, try and find one local to you to check them all out. They’ve got every colour you can imagine in every formulation, next time I go I’ll try and get a picture, it’s crazy!


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