Nail Girls Top Coat

Nail Girls Topcoat

I would never have picked this up off my own back and I received this nailgirls topcoat in a glossybox a few months ago. I’ve been good with using things up and not stashing things, I’ve been trying to use what I have before going and buying more. It’s more expensive that Seche Vite, or any OPI topcoat at £13. But is the price warranted by a great product?

Glossyness: It doesn’t leave the same gel like look that I find seche vite does, but does leave a nice shine on the nail, but is certainly not the best that I have used.

Improving the Longevity of Polishes: Doesn’t tick any boxes here, and in fact over testing it a few times I suspect that it made it worse. I’ve worn polishes with this topcoat to find that it had chipped within a few days, reworn without and found that it lasted better.

Drying Time: This is the worst part, it takes insanely long to dry. My top tip is to make sure that your nails are 100% dry, any slight wetness will just mean this takes even longer to dry, and goes very sticky. On more than one occasion I think that this is dry having sat for over half an hour – even an hour, started getting ready for bed and find that it had smudged and ruined an entire freshly done manicure by the time I have got my pyjama bottoms on.

So in short, I think it’s safe to say I disliked this topcoat, if you’re thinking of purchasing I wouldn’t personally bother. I’ve bought better polishes for 99p in the past. Whilst I’ve been good at using things up, I don’t know that I can say that I will be able to with this, the time it takes in waiting is just too impractical for me (chasing a naughty dog really does make me helpless whilst drying with this topcoat on), and even if I did have the time to be patient, the effect that it leaves just isn’t great enough for it to be worth the effort!

It’s 3 free if you like to know that kind of thing!

Have you tried this polish? and What’s your favourite topcoat?



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