Nails Inc Liverpool Street – Swatch and Review

Nails Inc Liverpool Street

A few posts ago I did a post on a polish that I recently wore to a wedding, and at last minute (literally en route to the wedding), I found this polish in tk maxx which matched the colour and gems on my dress perfectly.Nails Inc Liverpool Street Swatch/Review

Nails Inc Liverpool Street is a confetti style glitter topcoat, made up of white, pale pink and bright blue solid colour pieces, contrasting with metallic champagne coloured pieces of the same size glitter.

I re-tested over white polish and the pale pink, and obviously the white, are almost unnoticeable. I like the contrast of the metallic glitter and the solid colours. It almost gives the effect you’ve layered two similar polishes together. I think this would look nice over a pale grey, so you could see all of the colours a little better.

This isn’t the easiest to apply in terms of getting an even coverage tending to leave spots which are quite obviously patchy. I think these confetti style topcoats lead quite well into looking like you’ve done your nails art yourself and painstakingly painted on every speck. So looks like you’ve not done a brilliant job if you leave those patches unattended to.

OPI I Dont Give A Rotterdam

I don’t think I noticed this the last time I used it but it leaves a nice glossy topcoat style – finish, but does take an age to dry. Maybe because I was sat in a car for an hour or so the first time but when I painted my nails with it this time, it took over 40 minutes to feel like I could start to do anything.

I could live with the above, but the lasting power isn’t great. With both he base polishes I’ve worn with they peeled off pretty quickly. This time I wore with matte white from Barry M, a polish that’s never failed me before and in under 24 hours it’s peeled off on one nail and badly chipped on almost every other.

Would I re-buy? No I don’t think the effect it gives is any better than the l’oreal graffiti polishes, which are significantly cheaper and longer lasting. So unless I specifically wanted this colour combination I don’t think I’d bother. I think if you like your glitters and topcoats, you’ll be left disappointed with this one. I bought this for 3.99 – and I wouldn’t buy it again, even at that price.

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