Topshop Firework – Swatch and Review

Topshop Firework Review

I started writing my blog wayyyy before I ever posted anything. This was the first post that I drafted but have never got around to writing, I don’t want to be too hasty, but this may be my all time favourite polish.I started writing my review last July… I’d put off writing this review as my bottle is on it’s last legs, it’s been well used and loved for probably about 2 years now. It’s the kind of colour that I repaint my nails with straight away as soon as it’s come off. I’ve been on the lookout for a spare in stores for ages, but I’ve never spotted it again.

Topshop Firework is a lilac based holographic glitter, it packs a big punch and is very dense even with the first coat – whilst sheer in colour the glitter is very obvious, but with 2 it becomes even more magic. If wearing with 2 coats alone it’s a little sheer, but I’ve started wearing a lilac polish underneath, which makes it go further, otherwise it needs 3 coats to become fully opaque. It becomes extra sparkly with a topcoat as pictured below.

Topshop Firework - Swatch and ReviewTopshop Firework - Swatch and Review

It’s effortless to apply – applying evenly with no work. It comes off unlike most glitters easily, and even easier with a normal polish underneath as a base-coat. It’s smooth and not textured at all. I love the formulation and it lasts relatively well on the nail with a topcoat. Without it leaves quite a matte finish, it doesn’t look like much without a topcoat which brings it to life – and the lasting power isn’t great either.


Topshop Firework Swatch
Topshop Firework – 2 coats (no base colour) – no topcoat

I think you can tell this is a total love story for me. I adore it. And need another (maybe 2) as back up.

I haven’t explored the range at Topshop too much, their cosmetic range near me is quite limited, and from some of my polishes I can see their swatches don’t always quite match, so I’m a bit hesitant on trusting the swatches. I’m now in dire need of another one of these, so will be begrudgingly placing an order online – I’ll be checking if they have anything that looks the same in a different colour, as I’ll be ordering anything similar I can see!

But just in case there’s not – and I can’t justify paying the high Topshop P&P for just one polish, have you got any recommendations for other Topshop polishes I should check out?


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