The New Box On The Block: My Little

My Little Parisienne Box Review

I’ve just found this on my doorstep, on a sunday night (how many days has it been there!) (realised that sounds like I don’t leave the house – we don’t use our front door!) and I as soon as I opened it, I literally couldn’t wait to blog about it! This is the first ever ‘public’ box (a few big beauty bloggers had boxes last month) for the UK from a brand called My Little – and this is their My Little Beauty Box. I believe from what I understand that each box is themed, and this first month’s is My Little Parisienne.


Let’s just talk packaging for a moment, my inner graphic designer was squealing with delight with how beautiful this was packaged and delivered. Even including a sticker on the inside lid of the outer cardboard box that it was delivered in! The beauty products were also packaged in a high quality soft cotton bag with it’s logo printed all over.


So onto the main event… beauty products.

Laura Mercier  - My Little Parisienne Bon

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – I’ve had a smaller sample of this before, and liked it – I’m happy to have now got another. unlike lots of primers this is quite thin and doesn’t leave that feeling of silicone all over your face. This is a 30ml sample, the full size is 50ml and costs £29.

Nuxe - My Little Beauty Box

Nuxe Hauile Prodigieuse – This is a multifunctional hair/face/body oil, and again another product that I have had before. I must say I’ve not been the biggest fan of this and have never used a full one up (I think I have 2 different oils from Nuxe – and 2 of each), which are not at all reached for. It’s a much loved product though,  I’m going to try and persevere with this and see if I can figure out what the hype is all about. This is a 10ml sample – a full sized bottle is 50ml and is £17 at feel unique.

My Little Beauty - Stylo Lumiere

My Little Beauty Stylo Lumiere – This is a YSL Touche Eclat style pen with the twist cap end which filters through to the brush. Meaning to produce similar lumitating results. I can’t comment on the longevity of this yet but first impression – I think I’m going to like this – it looks very pink toned when it first comes out, but leaves a subtle golden sheen. This is full sized and retails for £11.

4 extra non beauty products are also included, a notebook which has little story inside explaining who they are and how they got here, which I thought was really nice for an unknown brand to the UK – followed by lots of blank white sheets of paper – going to keep this as a blogging ideas pad! A set of stickers, described as little bits of Paris! A little postcard sized print, which will probably go in my spare room around my dressing table. Plus a neoprene laptop case with a cute illustration on, I’ve not got a laptop currently, but have been debating over a little 13 inch macbook, so now as my boyfriend said “you’ll have to get one” – I’ll quote him on that later when he’s moaning in the shop.

"The Notebook"
“The Notebook”
Stickers – Why has a woman avec baguette stolen the other woman’s dog?
The Print - Why Paris? Paris Needs No Reason, Paris is its own reason
The Print – Why Paris? Paris Needs No Reason, Paris is its own reason


It looks like they feature their own brand products quite heavily, this for me is a plus, it’s a brand that’s not readily available here, you’re likely to get a full or decent size sample. And it’s a brand I would probably have never come across otherwise. Looking at their range of products here, they seem to be similarly themed and stylised in an illustrated fashion, so I’m hoping for lot’s more to come from this.

For once I feel like what beauty bloggers received last month as the enticing launch teaser to get the masses to sign up, see Fleur de Force’s post here – matches up pretty well with the reality of what has been delivered. I am a bit disappointed that I have had 2 of the beauty products before, as I was thinking that I was going to get lots of new products over time that I’d not heard of or been able to access – but I think that is just down to bad luck on my part, hopefully next month will be better.

The price is slightly more than Glossybox and Birchbox, but at £14.95 including delivery from France, the decent sized beauty products, and the cool extras – it’s totally worth it. Even if you have no need for a laptop case for example, the quality of these extra bits is excellent and would make perfect gifts. Their website for the beauty box service is different to their beauty product line site – if you want to sign up it’s here!

I’m already looking forward to next months! Will you be signing up?


5 thoughts on “The New Box On The Block: My Little

  1. Oh this box looks so nice! I can’t sign up for it just yet, but I can tell I will in the future! I’ve never tried any of the products you’ve got, or heard of this brand before they announced they were launching their box over here. Seems like a gem! x


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