China Glaze – Escaping Reality

China Glaze Escaping Reality - Swatch and Review

Another one from the China Glaze Sunsational range, after my almost disaster reviewing Too Yacht to Handle last, I must admit I had low expectations of this polish…

I was however left pleasantly surprised with the lasting power. I wore with a topcoat straight away, as this one wasn’t quite as glossy as the other in finish. I had on for four days before chips started appearing, and I think I could have stretched to another day. In that time I wasn’t exactly kind to my hands either, doing a lot of gardening, moving gravel and erecting wardrobes.
China Glaze - Escaping Reality Swatch

Annoyingly, I took loads of pictures of this, but I accidentally pressed permanently delete instead of import on my mac (I’m so proud of myself right now), so I have two, one of which is out of focus. I can see myself wearing this again in the near future so will update this post when I do!

China Glaze - Escaping Reality

I think the Sunsational line is meant to be neon tan enhancing shades. They fall just short of being a neon for me – bright but not quite neon. But never-the-less the shades in the line all seem beautiful, but I don’t know that I would buy any more because of the bad experience with the lasting power on Too Yacht to Handle.

If you’re a regular reader you will already know about 2 polishes from Sinful Colors called Daredevil and Cream Pink. Unlike both of those which are similar neon pink shades, they both have a shimmer running through. This one is a completely pure cream finish and I love it. Out of the 3 (because really – we shouldn’t have 3 virtually the same polishes in our collection), I think I would still pick Daredevil (review here), but if you like a cream finish this one is better.

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