A Classy Glitter – Zoya Bar


This was my first adventure with Zoya polishes, I’ve lusted after them for years now on their website (which doesn’t deliver to the UK 😦 ) – but I never knew there was a place we could actually buy in the UK until yet again, when I was browsing Nail Polish Direct’s website, and spotted a limited collection of Zoya’s polishes.

IMG_2476I picked up 2 from the Zoya Pixie Dust Collection, ‘Bar’ and ‘Stevie’. My inner magpie of course picked the more sparkly of the 2 – ‘Bar’ – to try out first. ‘Bar’ is a glitter with a nude base, filled with fine nude glitter, and a mix of fine, medium and larger chunks of hexagonal silver holographic glitter pieces.

1 coat and it still shows is the nails white growth above the tip of the finger, 2 coat evens it all out giving a subtle nude glitter look, which looks quite sheer, although it’s not. It’s very thick and textured, I think you would struggle to wear more than 2 coats at a time.






It leaves quite a matte finish, 1 coat of seche vite leaves it glossy and shiny again but doesn’t even out the texture so if you really hate the feel of bumpy nails, this might not be a good polish for you. I think it matches my skin tone almost perfectly, but would look nice as a hint of colour for paler and darker skins.


I like this polish a lot, it’s more subtle than a lot of my glitters, that I sort of don’t notice that I’m wearing it, as it’s not ultra bling and in my face – a classy glitter if you will. I think it would make a nice ombre nail art design, or look good with as an accent nail with nude polish, which I may do one of these this weekend when I go to a wedding.

It lasted about 4 days with no chips, I’ve had a very stressful week at work and one of the things I do when I get stressed rather than bite my nails is peeling them off… which is what happened here! I’m impressed because of how thick it felt on the nail, that it lasted so long.


One thing I really like about the Zoya line is that they use a lot of women’s names for shades. I picked up 2 of the Stevie colours as that’s my future sister in law’s name, with an usual name it will make a great gift for her.

Have you got any recommendations you think I should check out from Zoya??


6 thoughts on “A Classy Glitter – Zoya Bar

  1. I also totally wish that the Zoya website would ship to the UK, but I have managed to buy quite a few Zoya nail varnishes on eBay. My favourite Zoya is Dream, a deep blue colour with silver holographic micro glitter/shimmer in it. I’m not a fan of textured nail varnishes, but I do own a couple from OPI and I’ve found that if I put a matte topcoat on before my normal topcoat it helps smooth out the texture much more. xxx


      1. Zoya have a couple like that but that one’s my favourite because it’s blue 🙂 But they also have a purple one, a red one and a black one (possible a green one as well). Mind you, I often end up buying Zoya nail varnishes because of the name, it’s so difficult to resist buying a nail varnish named the same as someone you know! 🙂 xxx


      2. I’m always drawn in by the name of things, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. Dream is well worth it, I’ve got a review of it on my blog if you want to take a look. I think Zoya in general are really good nail varnishes, but some of there lighter colours can be a little sheer. xxx


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