Sally Hansen – Copper Penny Review and Swatch

Sally Hansen Copper Penny Swatch and Review

When I saw this in my local CCO at the weekend I just couldn’t resist. Sally Hansen’s Copper Penny is the perfect copper colour, many copper polishes I have picked up before have either leant towards being very brown or very orange, but this one sits perfectly in a halfway house between the two. It’s a pure copper hexagonal glitter, made up of different sized pieces.

It’s a very eye-catching polish which will be perfect going into autumn. It’s quite shiny without a topcoat, I experimented with adding a topcoat to one hand to see if it held up any differently which to be honest it didn’t but it was so thick with 5 coats of polish on in total it’s not really surprising. 4 days and there was a few small chips apparent on both hands, with some wear to the tips, it did impress me how long it lasted considering the thick layer.

Sally Hansen Copper Penny Swatch and ReviewIMG_2370








The main con for me is that it takes a long time to get opaque, after 4 coats it was pretty much opaque, but I think it could of done with another, at that point I had given up! At a a distance I don’t think you can tell, but just on closer inspection I could still see my nail through the glitter. I would suggest putting a similar coloured polish as a base coat, with 2 coats of the glitter I think it would then be enough to get a dense glitter look without having to wait for ages. I actually prefer that it’s more sheer and buildable as I’m already imagining some nail art looks with this polish.Sally Hansen Swatch and Review - Copper Penny

I’m really impressed with the few coloured polishes I’ve tried from Sally Hansen so far, I wish we’d had the coloured polishes in the UK when I was building my collection up as I think I would have a lot more of the ‘basic’ colours such as reds and pinks, which I now can’t justify buying as I have so many and I rarely turn to them for use.

Have you got any recommendations you think I should check out from the line?



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