Ciate Jewellery Box – Swatch and Review

Ciate Jewellery Box Review and Swatch

I said in one of my first posts that I didn’t like black polish on me, I admire it with jealousy on other people. I just don’t think the black look suits me or my skin tone, so when I saw this polish a few weeks ago I thought this might be one which is easier to wear for me.

Ciate Jewellery Box Swatch
3 Coats of Ciate Jewellery Box on the left, 1 coat on the right

So lets start off this by saying I still haven’t found the black which looks right on me – I can’t explain why but I hated this on me too, I’m just not convinced. Ciate’s Jewellery Box in the bottle is a dark black with chunky yellow gold holographic glitter. The consistency as I got it out the bottle is very thick, I thought it was going to be a one coat job. The first coat applied surprisingly thin and had a murky charcoaly colour like pictured below. 2 coats applied mostly opaque and black but with a few patchy areas, so this polish needed 3 coats. The glitter applies really evenly which is always nice with a glitter polish.

Ciate Jewellery Box Review

It dries very matte, and not in an attractive way – it needs a topcoat, trouble is it just absorbs it, so I needed 2 coats of topcoat and could have really done with a third to get it looking glossy, so all in all this had 5 coats of polish on which is crazy. Maybe if you set this with a gel topcoat this would look better but after 5 coats of polish I wasn’t that impressed with the finish.

Ciate Jewellery Box Review

Unsurprisingly with so many layers on this chipped and flaked off within 24 hours and within 36 I had 1 nail which was still intact. So this is yet another miss from Ciate for me, I don’t understand how people love it so much, I’ve had 2 polishes from Ciate which I have adored (1 still left to review) and 2 which I’ve hated. A 50/50 ratio defiantly puts me off trying again, even though the last 2 I picked up were only £3 – I’m still not sure it’s worth it you can pick cheap ones up at the Boots and Superdrug for the same or less and get better results. Maybe I’m just unlucky with the shades I’ve chosen – but I’ve seen lots of people on a Glossybox post commenting on how Ciate was their favourite nail brand – I just don’t see it!

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