Rimmel Rose Libertine – Swatch and Review

Rimmel Rose Libertine Swatch and Review

Rimmel Rose Libertine has been a long standing favourite in my collection. It’s a funny kind of pink to describe, I would describe it as a classic vintage pink, it’s mid-toned but not your typical barbie shade – more of a dusty pink which is warmer in tone and leans to the side of coral. I think I first saw this over on EssieButton’s Youtube and it was something I picked up almost instantly, Estée could sell me anything!

I think this is a great colour if you are not really a “pink person” or other pink shades don’t really suit you, it’s warmer undertone makes it unique in my collection, despite thinking of it as a classic shade – I can’t think of anything similar.

Rimmel Rose Libertine Swatch

I know this might be controversial, but I hate the brush, meaning the 60 seconds it claims to take to apply and dry takes longer, I find it too fat and stubby, making it harder to control. Some people love this brush I know, but for me I prefer thinner brushes which mean I can be a bit more precise, this one for me definitely encourages painting outside the lines.

I would normally say this applies quite well, leaving a decent glossy finish without the need for a topcoat, however mine is on it’s last legs and I found applying it rather difficult, determined to get the last drops out, but it’s gone a bit gloopy and took forever to dry, which when you are impatient as I am inevitably means imprints on your polish. But considering it’s a small polish, which may have lasted a good two years and I have a terrible habit of not screwing the cap on things properly, I’m not surprised that it hasn’t gone gloopier quicker.

This is going in the bin, but only so I can go and purchase another so I can appreciate Rimmel’s Rose Libertine in the full glory that it deserves. The price is totally affordable, go down to boots and get one, at £3.69, I think you should try it (I’m a spending enabler – sorry).


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