B Quick Cosmical – Swatch and Review

B. Quick Cosmical Nail Polish Review

As this polish is called B. Quick, that’s how I’m going to be in this review! I got this in the Superdrug edition of Glossybox and I’m so glad I did as it’s a brand and shade I would never have tried otherwise, it was definitely the star product in the box for me.

B. Quick Cosmical is simply stunning, it’s a metallic gold, in the bottle it has a very very fine micro glitter which doesn’t translate to the nails. Left without a topcoat it creates a semi matte gold foil effect and it’s beautiful. It’s not too in your face and it’s a wonderful shade.

B. Cosmical Nail Polish Swatch

It claims to be good in ‘One Coat’ but I think it needs a thin second to even out a few streaks, but none the less it’s marvellous. It’s long lasting even without a top coat and even with still being in the midst of unpacking boxes and gardening from moving house it lasts a good 5 days, it doesn’t seem to chip easily and is more likely to wear from the tips that chip from what I have found. Cosmical therefore is definitely worth picking up. I can see this becoming a firm favourite in my nail wardrobe, and will go into autumn and winter!

B. is available exclusively at Superdrug. I shall be checking out some more shades – have you got any recommendations. Some of the shades are currently half price so go pick this one up – as it’s one of them!


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