Ciate Heirloom Swatch and Review

Ciate Heirloom

Just over a week ago I posted a sneak peek haul of a couple of polishes I had found for £3 at my local factory shop which I couldn’t resist picking up as they were unlike any others in my collection.

The last polish I reviewed by the brand was Ciate’s Cocktail Dress, which is the most appalling formulation of any polish I’ve ever used. I’ve always found Ciate’s polishes to be either a big hit or a big miss. So which was this?

As you may be able to tell, Ciate’s Heirloom is a difficult colour to describe it’s a true duo chrome, maybe a trio chrome (let’s make up terminology). Ciate refer to it on their website as ‘A multicolour polish that changes with every look. A subtle purple with a pop of gold that will have all eyes on you and your hands!’ I would agree other than I wouldn’t say that purple is the over-riding colour, I would say it more leans on the side of bronze with hints of green and purple, with the pop of gold.

And oh my, it’s pretty in the bottle, but it’s prettier on the nails, as they say it changes colour in different lights, and never looks the same, I’ve received a bucket load of compliments when wearing this, which it’s really to see why in person as it’s so eye-catching. So here’s a round up of Ciate Heirloom swatches

Ciate Heirloom Swatch Ciate Heirloom Review Ciate Heirloom Review

Wear time is incredible, some of the swatches show wear to the tips, that was after 7 days with no topcoat, compared to my previous review of Cocktail Dress, that’s quite a difference in a brand’s wear time.

So this one is definitely a hit, if you love your duo chromes (or trio-chromes!) and you don’t have this in your collection I’d think about picking this up! I picked this up for £3 at the original factory shop, they don’t have them online but go into your local and see if you can grab yourself a bargain. That being said this is a special polish I would pay full price for, it’s not just worth the £3, it’s worth the £9.


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