H&M Sapphire in the Ocean – Swatch and Review

H&M Sapphire in the Ocean

I saw this polish whilst sneakily creeping to check out H&M’s statement necklaces (one of my other too large collections other than nail polish) at £1.99 I thought I can’t pass trying this one up.

Sapphire in the Ocean couldn’t be more aptly named, a perfect mid blue glitter sparkles like the sun catching the waves in the sea. I hoped by the look of the polish in the bottle, that it would be opaque. It didn’t disappoint, almost covering in 1 coat, I just used a second to cover over a small streaky. A quick covering with top coat enhances the sparkle even further. It wore on the tips but didn’t chip until about 5 days in.

H&M Sapphire in the Ocean

If blues aren’t your thing, they had a purple glitter and I think a silver glitter in the same cute packaging as this. I would assume that they are part of a summer collection as the packaging is different to all others in the store. I’ve seen H&M nail polishes before, but never checked them out, I will do in future as if this one is anything to go by the quality is outstanding for a company which doesn’t really make much in the way of cosmetics.

Have you tried any from the normal line?


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