Sinful Colors Cream Pink Swatch and Review

Sinful Colors Cream Pink

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know I spoke about this polish a while back in my Sinful Colors Daredevil review. This polish I had years ago and absolutely loved it, eventually it dried out and this was before it was widely available in boots to repurchase, having now seen it in stock in my local boots and taking advantage of a 3 for 2 offer I decided to pick it back up to see if I loved it as much as I did before!

Sinful Colors Cream Pink

My first thoughts about this was, “wasn’t this more neon before?” As at the time it was definitely the most neon in my collection. Secondly despite the name it’s not really a traditional cream finish polish as the name suggests, from a distance it does look like a cream but up close it does have a very fine micro gold shimmer, which helps reflect light. Wear time is not brilliant 3 days and had big chips appearing, daredevil was better but for a £1.99 polish I wouldn’t expect more.

But the question is do you really need both? My answer would be not really, and thats coming from a massive nail polish hoarder. I like both, but I wouldn’t buy both again. If you’re looking for a bright but not quite neon pink, I’d pick cream pink. If you’re looking for a neon pick daredevil. I personally if was only picking one, would go for daredevil, the colour is bright and the blue shine that it has makes it very eye-catching.

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