Essie Cascade Cool – Review and Swatch

Essie Cascade Cool Swatch and Review

I received this colour in a Glossybox around Christmas time, being a colour which has more suitable for summer, it’s something I’ve held of trying until now.

Cascade Cool is a colour which is definitely unique in my collection is a pretty Barbie creamy blue toned pink, but has undertones of lilac hues. I love the colour of this polish so much, it’s perfect for summer and is different from a classic mid-pink, I think it would make a gorgeous pedicure colour too.Essie Cascade Cool Swatch and Review

That all being said, I find that it chips terribly. I put this on first thing in the morning, not having time to apply a topcoat – by the end of the day it had chipped badly some nails had totally peeled off and had nothing left. I reapplied the next day with a top coat, it’s improved but still within a day it has a few chips showing, I expect more from a polish £10.95! I know people find Essie to be love/hate, in general I do like them, I find the shade selection more interesting than other brands and the wear time decent, but this one the wear time just hasn’t cut it.

Ultimately I’ll be keeping this polish for specific outfits where this colour will be perfect, but for day to day wear, I don’t think it’s worth the hassle!

Have you tried this polish what do you think.


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