Ciate Cocktail Dress – Swatch and Review


When I received this in my Glossybox a few months ago, I was really excited. For years I have been looking for the perfect raspberry shade, something that sits halfway between a pink and a red leaning neither to either side. And I thought, this might be the one.

So let’s start on that front, Ciate’s Cocktail Dress in the bottle looks the perfect raspberry shade that I’ve been hunting for, however on the nails it doesn’t quite translate. It certainly seems to lean more on the red side rather than the pink, or ideally half way. I do still like the colour but it is not quite how I was expecting – and hoping – that it would be! It takes 2 coats to get opaque and is a decent finish without a topcoat.IMG_1729

I’ve had to rewrite this as this polish does have me a bit bamboozled, I was expecting to tell you that my major bug bear with it was how poorly it lasted on the nails that it had the worst nail polish out of any that I had tried, and to not consider buying it! I’ve worn this 3 times before now and its always chipped extremely badly in under 6 hours, when wearing a topcoat. This time I was expecting to put it on, photograph it and within a few hours I’d already be stripping it off, however I put this on Saturday, its now Friday and there is barely any chipping at all, wear to the tips but only a few small chips. Now this time I haven’t used a topcoat – can nail varnishes have allergies to topcoats as I tried multiple different ones previously and had the same issue each time?!

Ciate Cocktail Dress
Ciate Cocktail Dress After 6 Days Wear

Have you found a problem with Ciate or another brand before? And have you found the perfect raspberry shade which you think that I should try!


3 thoughts on “Ciate Cocktail Dress – Swatch and Review

  1. I’m looking for the perfect raspberry nail varnish too! I tried Cocktail dress and although the colour was lovely, my bottle seemed to always leave bubbles on the nail. One that’s almost perfect is “Blowing Raspberries” by Butter London. It’s a tiny bit on the red side but well worth trying.

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